12 Books That Traumatized the Hell out of Us as Kids

This is more than just some Goosebumps.

YA, they said. Great for children, they said. We all have that one book that scared us so bad it’s now a core memory. Maybe you found it tucked away in your middle school library. Or maybe your fifth-grade class read it out loud–popcorn style–glossing over disturbing, chilling scenes in monotone voices. But you noticed them. And to this day, you can’t forget them. These are stories that got under our skin and still haunt us.

How Ukraine Underwent a Hipster Revolution

What I see is that the younger Ukrainians no longer feel the special bond with Russia the way their parents have felt. They grew up with their own language, culture, and idols.

Is This the Greatest Sandwich Feud of All Time?

Get to know Miami’s favorite–and most controversial–meal.

Cubans have been immigrating to Miami long before the Mariel Boat Lift of 1980 saw more than 100,000 people leave their home country for a new one. They’ve brought their hopes and dreams, along with their culture and cuisine. No aspect of the Cuban migration to America has been more widely embraced than the Cuban sandwich, a staple at countless sandwich shops and restaurants across the country. Ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles, a few spices, and bread. That’s it. So how can something so simple generate so much debate? To press or not to press? Soft bread or crusty? What about turkey and salami? Cuban sandwich devotees duke it out over these details. The difference of opinion has even sparked a sandwich feud between the cities of Miami and Tampa Bay. While this article won’t put those hostilities to rest, it will guide you to the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami —according to Miami locals and Cuban sandwich experts—allowing you to decide for yourself which ‘wich is best.