Discover Northern Brazil

05/17/2020 through 09/08/2021
05/17/2020 through 09/11/2021
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Discover Northern Brazil

Take the road less travelled and traverse the ever-changing landscape of Northern Brazil – from the undulating sand dunes of Jericoacoara to the ecological paradise of the Parnaiba Delta. Ride buggies along stretches of white sand beach, 4WD through vast expanses of rolling desert, swing in hammocks that hover above crystal-clear lagoons and feel the rhythm of the reggae scene in the historic centre of Sao Luis. Find yourself among remote beaches, rustic villages, rippling sand dunes and calm teal waters on this 8-day adventure that exposes the natural beauty of unchartered Brazil.


  • Fortaleza – City Tour
  • Jericoacoara – Buggy Adventure
  • Parnaiba Delta – Afternoon boat tour
  • Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
  • Rio Preguiça – Boat Trip
  • Sao Luis – Walking Tour


  • Adventure off the beaten bath on a 4WD excursion through the stunning Lencois Maranhenses National Park – home to the only desert on the planet with its own freshwater lakes.
  • Take a drive on the wild side and ride buggies along the shoreline of Jericoacoara – carve tracks in stretches of white sand beach, then relax in hammocks that hover above crystal-clear lagoons.
  • Cruise through the estuaries of the Parnaiba Delta – keep your eye out for monkeys, snakes, iguanas and more as you navigate the narrow channels of this ecological sanctuary.
  • Wander the cobbled streets of Sao Luis’ historic centre – admire the colourful colonial mansions that line this World Heritage site and feel the rhythm of the reggae scene that captivates this city.
  • Try your hand at ‘skibunda’ – grab a sled and glide down the rolling sand dunes of Lencois Maranhenses into the pristine lakes below – a fun and refreshing way to end a day!


Day 1 Fortaleza
Day 2 Jericoacoara
Day 3 Jericoacoara
Day 4 Parnaiba Delta
Day 5 Lencois Maranhenses
Day 6 Lencois Maranhenses (Barreirinhas)
Day 7 Sao Luis
Day 8 Sao Luis

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