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"I bought my ticket with Brazcom Travel. The service was simply wonderful, I made a great choice. I highly recommend.


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"Wow, I traveled with Brazcom to Brazil, I took my dog. Brazcom prepared everything, made his reservation and even with the crate she guided me. It was an excellent trip. Thank you Brazcom Travel."

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Thailand is the tenth most visited country in the world, full of riches that attracts about 26 million visitors every year. Located in Southeast Asia, is known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, temples and palaces, its capital Bangkok has modern architecture and a very welcoming population. We need to pay attention to some details: it is a country with language, culture, writing, and religion that most of us are not used to, so here are some tips:

1- The official language is Thai, but most of the population speaks English;                                                                                        2- 95% of the population is Buddhist and if you want to visit a temple, respect the traditions and customs of the country, do not show the shoulders, knees, belly, and never between shoes;         

3- Do not buy or tattoo the Buddha image, these acts are considered disrespectful to religion and the population (contains several warnings about it spread throughout the country);   

4- Its cuisine ranges from sweet to spicy (extremely spicy) and the  basis of Thai food is rice and pasta, as well as pork, chicken, and duck. ✈️ ✈️ Did you, like us, want to pack up and know all this beauty? Contact Brazcom Travel. Experience and live the best of your trip. The best prices and the best service you will find.

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