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Activities in Minas Gerais

Historical Cities – Minas Gerais

Travel to the historic cities of Minas Gerais is a real walk through the tunnel of time.

Meet the beauty of some of the cities that make up the Gold Circuit and the Trail of the Conspirators, and, of course, the capital Belo Horizonte and Diamantine, recognized Heritage who won the title because of the splendor of the architecture and its universal manifestations cultural .


Sao João Del Rei

One osao-joao-delreif the most important historical cities of Minas Gerais,, owner of a valuable artistic cultural heritage of the Brazilian colonial period. With imposing churches like Our Lady of Pillar and St. Francis of Assis and beautiful colonial houses, with its imposing imperial garden with palm trees, its fantastic door carved in soapstone and the cemetery that houses the tomb of Tancredo Neves Family this destination depicts the time of the gold rush and mining Conspiracy, revolutionary movement that fought for the freedom of the country.   



One of the most important cities of the state, Tiradentes can gather all the elements representing Minas Gerais, through the history, culture, art and cuisine. It is in Tiradentes one of the most beautiful barroco collections. . Surrounded by the Sierra de San José, charming little town. Walks through the streets with uneven paving stones reveal well-preserved houses, charming studios, assorted crafts, a multitude of hotels. It also has good restaurants specialized in mining cuisine and a welcoming people. In addition to very interesting attractions such as St. Anthony Matrix, with many details and the Fountain of St. Joseph, surrounded by legends, which is a mandatory stop for rest.

In addition to a hike through the stunning Sierra de San José, one tourist attraction for the visitor is that of Mary Smoke. – A secular train linking Tiradentes the Sao Joao del Rei Colonial lodges and diverse restaurants ensure all the charm to the city, chosen to holding events like the film fest  and Gastronomy and Culture Festival. 



Land Chica da Silva and President Juscelino Kubitschek, Diamantina has one of the most significant historical collections in the country. Holds a beautiful architectural ensemble and churches that faithfully portray the richness of Baroque art, the city is also listed as the World Heritage Site.

Part of the Royal Road circuit, one of the richest cultural and tourist routes of Brazil. The best option to meet the alleys and lanes of this area is to park the car and go for a walk, stopping to shop at craft shops and, occasionally, listen to music of fanfare, and guitar serenade wheels. Churches work for part-time on alternate schedules. To visit them, buy a pass ($ 5) that goes for the three churches that open in the morning or for the three opening afternoon. In addition to the walk through the streets and historical center of the sidewalks, be sure to visit the churches of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Francis of Assisi, the picturesque walkway that connects two houses in Rua da Glória and take a leap in the home of the president who conceived Brasilia. Another interesting attraction is the Garimpo Real.




Called “city of the Prophets”, the magnificent work of the master Aleijadinho, the series of the twelve

prophets carved in soapstone at the entrance of the Lord Bom Jesus church. The perfection of the sculptures attracts tourists worldwide who still know the six chapels that make up the Steps garden in front of the Basilica, representing the Way of the Cross with beautiful images in Cedar also made by this great artist baroque. For all the richness and grandeur of this set it was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Another attraction Congonhas is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, the oldest of the city, which was built by slaves before the miners reached the region.


Serra do Cipo

The Serra do Cipo is currently one of the major tourist provinces of Minas Gerais.

Inserted into the Royal Road and the Diamond Circuit, with a National Park, especially rugged, unique scenic beauty, numerous waterfalls and one of the most diverse floras in the world, the region accounts for a enviable collection for leisure, the practice of outdoor activities free, and scientific research.

The region is home to a National Park full of waterfalls and trails. Various simple and charming pousadinhas that spread to the edges of MG.

It has several tours to choose from such as:

  • Great Waterfallserracip
  • Hawk Waterfall
  • National Park
  • Waterfall Farofa
  • Bride’s Veil Waterfall
  • Canyon of Confins
  • Waterfall Braúna
  • Waterfall of the Swallows
  • Waterfall Capybara
  • Waterfall Riachinho
  • Traverse
  • Juquinha
  • Lower Waterfall
  • Take Waterfall

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