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Activities in Lisbon


One of the most beautiful stops in Europe. Lisbon, capital of Portugal is possessed of a rich cultural and exudes beauty and authenticity.


Portugal provides several significant addresses of the beauty diversity of Portugal. There are a lot of historic tours where you have the opportunity to prove it yourself.

LisboaSao Jorge’s Castle 

The castle is one of the highest points in the city and was built in the 10th century. Since then has been served as a Fortress, Royal Residence and Prison. On the tour you can get to know the gardens, the gazebo and the dark room (from where you can see the city in panoramic view).


Belém Tower 

The Belém Tower is a medieval-style construction. Once it was a Fort and a Lighthouse. It took six years to be built in the XVI century , during the reign of King Manuel I. Strategically located the bank of the Tejo River, the decor tower boasts the very symbolism of Manuelino (related to King Manuel) – strings involving the building shooting in elegant knots , armillary spheres crosses of the Military Order of Christ and naturalistic elements.

Over the years, the building gradually lost its function and today is a beautiful and historical site for visitation and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Oceanario  (Oceanarium) 

One of the largest awarded aquariums in the world. The aquarium has a large marine diversity and offers various activities such as:

-Guided tours  

It encourages knowledge and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants.

– Music for Babies   

Event occurs in the central tank where the music added to the setting, fires the imagination, curiosity and sensitivity. 

– Sleeping with Sharks   

One of the most popular activities. In addition to fun, you still learn and observe the habits of this species.

– Fado for children   

With the marine landscape you get mesmerized by traditional music of the country.


Train ride        

It’s easy to meet countries and cities around the train from Lisbon. Cities such as Fatima, Porto and Óbido, are connected to the subway in Lisbon making everything more convenient. Óbido is a city of cobbled streets and cafes. Fatima is the city of the devotees of the Virgin Mary and has a shrine in his honor. Porto is the source region of Port Wine, full of valleys, beautiful landscapes and the Douro River.



You cannot go to Portugal and did not have a dinner by candlelight to the sound of Fado. You should consider yourself lucky if you hear Fado while walking down any street of Alfama, Mouraria or Madragoa. Amateur Fado unite; when you start singing soon appear guitars to accompany.



Lisbon has a large number of restaurants. Among cafes and taverns the recipes served inebriating tastes of travelers. Note that the variety of regional dishes applies even in restricted areas. Two neighboring cities may have, under the same name, plates that may differ markedly in the form of preparation, yet they share the same basic recipe. Generalizations are not always correct: the various regional cuisines vary greatly in the same area.

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