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Activities in Canada


With an area ​​occupaying 41 % of the North American continent, nature abounds within Canada.

Canada eBetween lakes, snowy mountains and forests, we find developed cities with efficient mass transportation systems. It is a multicultural land founded by the British, Native American and French people.

For winter lovers can catch a game of Hockey which is the national attraction. Canada also has excellent ski resorts and some of the best tracks in the world. Outdoor skating rinks should be tried as well.

If you choose this destination in the summer or spring, you will have the opportunity to hike one of the thousands of trails and admire watercolor scenery ranging from yellow to red. Sharing peace aboard a boat on a blue- emerald lake or a river is another way to be in touch with the beauty of this immense country.

Canada dNiagara Falls is another natural beauty of this land. There are three waterfalls, one in the form of a horseshoe, is the best known and is divided between the United States and Canada. The other has a more rectilinear profile that is in US territory. The third, which is smaller, is known as Bridal Veil. There are many ways to visit the falls such as by helicopter overflight, by boat that travels very close to the turbulence, or overland by car or bus.

In summer time the midnight sun and in winter time the Northern Lights are the shows put on by nature. This is the reason why the best time to visit Canada depends on your goal.

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