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Activities in Caldas Novas

Rio Quente e Caldas Novas – GO

Whether the demand is for tranquility or adventure, you’re a kid or already in old age , to have fun in Rio Quente and Caldas Novas there is only one prerequisite: like water.

It is the biggest attraction in the region and no wonder, since it is born with a pleasant temperature of 37.5 °, and has therapeutic and medicinal properties.

rio-quenteIn Caldas Novas there are 86 active wells, pumping an average of 1,200 m³ an hour, in a period of 14 daily hours. The temperature of the water varies between 34 and 57 °C.

Another great attraction of Caldas Novas is Ecotourism, since the city is located near the Corumbá River and the Serra de Caldas where there is a natural park – Parque Estadual de Caldas Novas. In the surrounding area there is a lake – Lago de Piratininga – with boiling water; a reservoir called Lago de Corumbá with 64 square kilometers damming the Corumbá; and another river – the Rio Quente – which has natural warm water.

Rio Quente Resorts is located in the municipality of  Rio Quente (Hot River), Goias, an immense totally preserved green area of 49.7 hectares next to the Serra de Caldas. Her exotic beauty, its always mild climate and its rich flora and fauna join the insurmountable hot springs and turn the Hot River Resorts in one place.



Created in 1970 to protect its valuable water sources. The state park Serra de Caldas Novas is close to the city center, home to toucans, woodpeckers, the king vulture, seriemas, armadillos and even the Guara wolf. There is a beautiful view of the city and its thermal parks you can enjoy from the highest part of its platform. Marked trails lead to two cold waterfalls.


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