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Activities in Bordeaux


The city is very close to Paris and it is located in the southwest of France. It takes three hours by land or an hour by plane.

Bordeaux holds the title of “Little Paris”, recently this title was reinforced by UNESCO when declared a World Heritage site. It is considered the wine country, full of vineyards, parks and woods. The oneiric city also has its metropolitan area that is in full cultural eruption. The Romans have left legacies that can be contemplated in the buildings in the city center. 

The wine festival in Bordeaux takes place every two years in the last week of June. 

Cuisine is another strong point of the city. There are multitude itineraries available, many offering tastes of local fare, in particular the exceptional wines. 

In the Saint Pierre district, the historic part of town, with its quaint alleys and old Streets, the period craft names still remain: Rue des Argentiers (street jewelers), Rue des Bahutiers (safety box traders), etc…

The beautiful house of Parliament is also in this neighborhood. Admire the urban renewal undertaken ​​by the mayors over the course of the years, combined with the original constructions of 1760. The Port Cailhau building from 1494 with walls 35 meters high, is part of the city and through its oak windows we have a magnificent view of the oldest bridge in Bordeaux, Pont de Pierre (stone bridge). The various floors have exhibitions about the tools and materials used to build the city.
bordeaux4It took 20 years to build the symbolic Plaza de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Square). Here is where traditionally begins the disappearance of the medieval city to make way for the classical city. In 2006 the city was gifted with the world’s largest water mirror. Situated across is the Place de la Bourse between the Garonne River and the facades of the eighteenth century. The work has an extraordinary water effect on a huge granite slab, turning the magical place into a gaming scene for children and into a romantic environment for lovers. Here you can leave your photographic brand. You just need to shoot, sign, and post your photos to your friends around the world.

The Grand Theatre is a marvelous and elegant monument. It was built in the eighteenth century and the architect Victor Louis had the courtesy to think of every detail from the concert hall, coffee, shops, etc… In recent years it has undergone a careful restoration returning its original glory. This imposing building is home to shows such as operas, ballets, and symphonic concerts among others.

Bordeaux is a river city and was one of the main ports for Europe in the XVIII century. Taking a boat tour is a unique way to discover the city and its vineyards. Most cruises on the Garonne River offer wine and meals and some dinner with music.

The Museum of Fine Arts, built in 1881, has a collection boasting  grandiose names such as Brueghel de Velours , Chardin , Corot , Pierre de Cortone , Delacroix , Van Dyck , Van Goyen , Kokoschka , Le Pérugin , Magnasco , Matisse , Picasso , Renoir , Rubens , Véronèse …

Gastronomy is also great in Bordeaux. Legend tells that the city has more restaurants than people. Stories aside, it is true that the combination of fine cuisine and the menu of wines, that are the pride of the region, is a perfect marriage.

A “double decker bus” offers a 70-minute tour of the city on the Garonne River banks, telling the history of the city in audio available in 8 languages.

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